Phony ppl - nothing special

I actually understood what she was saying though it did look like she was backpeddling. She meant to say Kenya provokes everyone and what was the problem with Matt that he felt like she was provoking him? She wasn’t implying it was ok that men hit women. She also brought up a good point. Why is she afraid of Porsha but Matt has done the same thing?

Typically mild-mannered, Piscean friends can be tiresome because they can't decide what movie to see or where to eat. They are often strict about food (but not drink!): They might say Lord Krishna doesn't want them to eat onions and garlic. At a diner that doesn't fit their dietary rules, they order nothing and watch you eat, or sneak tidbits from your plate. That is how they stay smug about their saintly self-denial. I have seen a Pisces eat half a Snickers bar, and—instead of maybe sharing it—wrap it up and save the other half for later. Now that is self-discipline!

Phony Ppl - nothinG specialPhony Ppl - nothinG specialPhony Ppl - nothinG specialPhony Ppl - nothinG special